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Spring Term

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed your time together. Thank you for the lovely gifts we received.
We are looking forward to another busy term!! Our topic in EYFS and KS1 this term is 'We are Great Britain'. We will look at where we live and go on a walk of the local area and compare to other parts of Britain, learning about some of the geographical features and how to use a simple map. We will also find out about famous British scientists and inventors and learn about the royal family past and present.We will end the term with a school trip, more details to follow shortly.

Summer Term

Welcome back to the Summer term. This term our topic is Hot and Cold. We will compare countries from around the world and focus on the animals found in these countries. We will also look at Minibeasts found in the local area and study their life cycles. Please read the curriculum map for more information.

Welcome to Ash class!

We have 24 pupils, 14 boys and 10 girls. Our teachers are Mrs. Peachey and Mrs. Robichaud (maternity cover) and our teaching assistants are Mrs Squires and Mrs. Beck. Mrs. Peachey teaches us on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. Robichaud teaches us on a Friday.

This term our topic is 'Turrets and Tiaras'. Please read the curriculum newsletter to find out more about the things we will be learning.

What do you need for school?

- Your PE Kit (team coloured T-shirt, shorts and trainers, plus track suit type trousers and top during the winter months). This is kept in school for the half term.
- Your book bag, with reading book, Learning Link and completed homework.
- Bottle of fresh WATER everyday.
- Outdoor shoes and a change of clothes for the school field in winter which can be put on over your school clothes and a coat.
- Warm hat and gloves during the winter.
- To know if you are a school dinner or a packed lunch.
- Sun hat and sun cream during the summer.
- Swimming kit (one piece swim suit for girls; trunks and NOT baggy shorts for boys; towel and swimming hat for ALL). We will let you know when this is needed.

All stationery will be provided.

Marking and Feedback

We all have been involved in a dialogue about the high expectations we have of all pupils. Effective marking of written work involves a dialogue between pupil and teacher to identify what has been done well and the next steps to learning. We are using pink highlighting to identify where we are 'Tickled Pink' that the Success Criteria (expectations set out at the start of the lesson) have been achieved. Green highlighting identifies a next step (Green for Growth). Pupils may be given verbal feedback about their work and areas to work on. They may also be asked to correct or improve one thing. This is most likely to be related to letter/number formation or adding in capital letters or full stops.

Non Negotiables

We have discussed, agreed and modelled the 'Non Negotiables' we have adopted as a school for written work. Yellow highlighting will identify for pupils where they need to correct. These Non Negotiables are age dependent, but once an aspect of presentation has been mastered, we expect pupils to apply this in all contexts and yellow highlighting reminds them if this is not the case.
Non Negotiables are year group dependent but include:
ALL marking responded to
No rubbing out
Correct letter formation
Start writing at the margin
Writing on line
No doodling or scribbling
Capital letters
Full stops

As a class we are particularly focusing on correct letter formation, capital letters and full stops.