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Snacks and School Milk

What snacks should I send for my child?

If you wish to give Key Stage 2 snacks to consume during morning break, these should be fruit or veg-based, please.

Reception and Key Stage 1 have fruit provided and Reception pupils under the age of 5 years have milk too in the morning break as supplied by the government NHS scheme each day.

Pupils over 5 can have milk each day. Please log on to the Cool Milk website to pay for and order milk for your child.

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Latest News

21st Feb - We were delighted to welcome a member of the Ely Diocese team into school today as we again embark on Bishop Stephen's Lent Challenge.

19th Feb - Welcome back to school, open today for spring half term 2, to pupils, parents and visitors.

9th Feb - School is now closed for half term. We look forward to welcoming pupils, parents and visitors back to school on Monday 19th February. Happy Half Term!

9th Feb - Our Headteachers' Awards Collective Worship yet again showcased the talents of our pupils both with the live music and the awards to celebrate learning.

9th Feb - Congratulations to our Holland's cup winner today, who was awarded this because of her increased confidence to try out playing new pieces of music on the piano.

7th Feb - Thanks to the Post Office staff in Orwell who enabled Ash class to purchase their stamps as part of their project work.

6th Feb - Safer Internet Day. Pine class reported that 'In class, we thought about and discussed what emotions we'd feel if different things happened to us online and we created a 'wanted' poster for a good online friend.' Please do see the website for more information about staying safe online.

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