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In Yew Class we take pride in our work and we make sure that certain things are always correct.

RESPOND TO ALL MARKING Make sure you make all the corrections and improvements you need or tick to show that you have read the comment - don't just write OK!

LAY OUT EACH PAGE CORRECTLY Start writing at the margin and keep your writing on the line.

DUMLUMS Date, underline, miss a line, learning objective, underline, miss a line, success criteria.

HAVE HANDSOME HANDWRITING Use the correct letter formation and always join your handwriting.

SHOW OFF YOUR SPELLING If you copy a spelling, make sure it's correct. Make sure you've used the correct spelling for to, two and too and for there, their and they're.

PERFECT YOUR PUNCTUATION Use capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks correctly at all times.

MISTAKES ARE IMPORTANT TO LEARNING Cross mistakes out neatly. You need to see them so don't rub them out.



This year the Key Stage 2 SATs will take place from Monday 14th May to Thursday 17th May 2018 inclusive.

Welcome to our Year 6 class!

We have 26 pupils in our class. Our teachers are Miss Smith (on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and Ms Catchpole (on Thursdays and Fridays). Mrs Clover is our Teaching Assistant.

This term our topic is The South West Region of the USA.

How we mark work in Yew Class

Effective marking of work involves a dialogue between pupil and teacher to identify what has been done well and the next steps in learning. Sometimes this will be done verbally (labelled VF for verbal feedback). Our written marking uses a system of highlighting. We use pink to identify where we are 'Tickled Pink' that the Success Criteria (expectations set out at the start of the lesson) have been achieved. Green highlighting identifies a next step (Green for Growth). Pupils respond to marking in purple pen at the start of each lesson, correcting and improving their work. We have agreed as a school some 'Non-Negotiables' for written work. Yellow highlighting will identify for pupils where these need correcting. These Non-Negotiables are age dependent, but once an aspect of presentation has been mastered, we expect pupils to apply this in all contexts and yellow highlighting reminds them if they have not done so. We review the marking system regularly with pupils.

PE in Yew Class

PE is on Tuesday and Friday in Yew class, although this might occasionally change to accommodate special events, combined curriculum activities etc.The children will need to have both inside and outside PE kits in school throughout the week.

What do you need for school?

You will need:

To know if you are having school dinner or a packed lunch and what your after-school arrangements are (going home on the bus, going to Puffins, going to a club or being picked up).

Your book bag, with reading book, Learning Link and any completed homework.

A drinking bottle of fresh WATER.

A fresh fruit snack for break time.

A coat or waterproof jacket - we work and play outside in all weathers!

Outdoor shoes and a change of clothes for the school field in winter.

Your PE Kit (team coloured T-shirt, shorts and trainers, plus track suit type trousers and top during the winter months). This is kept in school for the half term.

A warm hat and gloves in cold weather.

A sun hat during in hot weather.

Your swimming kit in the summer (one piece swimsuit for girls; trunks and NOT baggy shorts for boys; towel and swimming hat for ALL).

All stationery is provided so you do not need a pencil case.